Applications to university

Applications to most higher education courses ...

... are made online through UCAS. You need to apply between 1 September and 15 January the year before you intend to go. There are exceptions, applications to:

  • Oxford and Cambridge must be submitted by 15 October

  • dentistry, medicine, veterinary medicine and veterinary science must be submitted by 15 October.
  • art and design course deadlines may vary. Check with individual institutions or, see UCAS

See also

  • UCAS key dates

  • UCAS Videos will guide you through the application process and your school or college will help you with applying.

The ‘Personal Statement’ on your form is one of the most important parts of your application

Admissions tutors check here to see evidence of your skills, abilities and qualities required for their courses. It is your chance to make a case for a place as most students are not interviewed. Include your reasons for choosing the course, career aims and relevant personal qualities and interests.

Do not copy prepared personal statements on to your form. UCAS has software to detect these and will inform the universities you have applied to.

Your school or college will add a reference to your application and forward it to UCAS.

You can check the progress of your application online through UCAS Track.

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