The interviewer has already seen your CV or application form and thinks you may be suitable, so ...

... don't panic but do prepare, it is essential if you want to have a good chance of getting the job. There are tips below to help you prepare for your interview. 

Prepare before you go:

  • Tell them you are coming
  • Plan your journey and allow some extra time just in case there is a delay
  • Make sure you look smart, neat and tidy
  • Take any documents or certificates that the employer has asked to see
  • Find out all you can about the company and the industry
  • Check the details of the job carefully
  • Read your application form or CV again

At the interview:

  • Turn your phone off
  • Smile and look confident. Be polite and interested
  • Try not to fiddle with your clothes or hair
  • Listen to questions carefully
  • Answer questions clearly and fully - give yourself time to think
  • Be truthful
  • Have some questions ready to ask
  • Thank the interviewer when you leave

Video interviews

  • prepare in the same way
  • check your equipment works and look at the camera not the screen
  • think about what you are wearing - dress for the job
  • make sure the background is ok and that you won't be interrupted

There is help with interviews from:

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