Food Shopping Support

Do you need support and help with shopping? Do you need someone to help you to set up online shopping or support you with a regular food shop?


There is lots of help and support available in Islington, offering free, confidential and independent advice.

Shopping for food and other essential items can be very challenging when you are older or need support.

This advice and guidance page suggests some ways to overcome these difficulties so you can get the things you need to stay well.


Use your personal networks

Friends, family and trusted neighbours are often more than willing to help - you just need to ask.

Why not see if they would be happy to:


  • pick up essential items for you when they do their own regular shop OR
  • take you with them when they go


They will probably unpack and put your shopping away - if you need this help.


Mutual Aid Groups listed Here  are able to support residents with doing their shopping.

Mutual aid groups generally offer one-off or time-limited support, rather than being able to support with long-term, complex cases


Community Centres listed below can offer support with Shopping, this could be support to complete an online shop or pick up a pre paid order

Chinese Community Centre

Caxton House Community Centre

Eritrean Community in the UK

Friendship Network

Good Gym

Help on Your Doorstep

Islington Jewish Community Centre

Newington Green Action Group

Manor Gardens Welfare Trust

St Vincent de Paul


Get more from your Milkman

As well as milk and dairy products, your milkman can now deliver groceries, pet food and some essential household items.  Order by 9pm for free delivery the next morning. Milk and More


Ask about home delivery at your local stores

Some convenience stores and neighbourhood shops will deliver your shopping to your door.  This means you can do your own shopping without the worry of getting it home.


Wiltshire Farm Foods offer a free delivery of readymade meals


Order online

Order and pay for your groceries over the internet. You can either:

  • Choose a time for your shopping to be delivered (delivery charges apply; they are cheapest during normal office hours or with a 'delivery saver' scheme)
  • Ask a relative or friend to pick it up (Click & Collect - there is a small charge for under £30). This could be very handy if you want to ask a visitor or support worker to collect your shopping for you but don’t want to take up too much of their time.

When you shop online:

  • it's easy to see special offers
  • you can charge your order until the day before your delivery/collection
  • you can save your list so you only have to update it next time










If you need support with using computers Healthwatch offer support in using digital tech, which can help you to set up online shopping.

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