Keeping safe

This web page gives you information about ways to keep safe at home, on the street and from other people.

Islington council, the police and other organisations are working together to make Islington a safer place.

They can give advice about protecting yourself from:

Street theft and phone theft
Letterbox burglary
Bogus callers
Distraction burglaries
Password schemes for older people
Loan sharks
Using minicabs
Safety when employing carers

You can get more information from our crime and policing web pages

Being safe in your home
There are many ways to improve safety in the home such as:

Having a fire safety check
Home security checks
Telecare equipment
Falls assessment and equipment to improve safety

You can be referred for all of these services by the council’s Seasonal Health Interventions Network called SHINE for short.

SHINE can give also give advice about heating your home, benefits, health and social care support. You can read more detail on the SHINE leaflet.

If you would like to be referred please call SHINE on 0800 953 1221.

Keeping safe from other People
If you are worried about someone in your family, a friend, neighbour or someone you know, who is vulnerable please contact Islington Social Services for advice and help.

For Children
If you are worried about a child (under age 18) call the Children’s Social Care Referral and Advice team on 0207 527 7400 between 9am-5pm.

For Adults
If you are worried about an adult who is vulnerable (due to age or disability) call the Access Service on 0207 527 2299 or email They will talk to you about your concerns and do everything they can with the permission of the person to reduce the risks and ensure their safety.

If the person or others are at risk of immediate danger, make yourself safe and call 999.
In an emergency outside of office hours about a CHILD or an ADULT, call the Emergency Duty Social Work Team on 0207 226 0992.

A number of organisations in the directory can also give information and advice about adult safeguarding, domestic violence and keeping safe. See the organiations listed in the 'Safety' category. Please also see the 'Out and About' guidance page for infomation on support available with transport and/or building your confidence in getting around after an illness and/or accident.

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