Setting up a Nursery

If you are interested in setting up a nursery in Islington, you will want to consider where there migt be a demand for childcare. Islington's Childcare Sufficiency Assessment will give you an indication of which areas of Islington have a need for further childcare.

Islington is not able to provide a list of vacant buildings with D1 use suitable for childcare.

Before setting up a nursery, you will need to register with Ofsted 

The Early Years and Childcare Service runs a number of courses for practitioners working in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The local authority does not have funding available to set up a new nursery, but once you have set up, you can apply to the Early Years and Childcare Service to sign up to provide free early education through the government scheme. For further information email

The Early Years Alliance has produced a booklet, Setting up a Childcare Provision which outlines some of the things you will need to think about before setting up a nursery.

Support and advice for early years providers is also available on

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