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Moving home

If you are not happy with your current housing or need to move as it doesn’t meet your needs, this web page gives you information about where to get advice and support to get into the right accommodation for you.

Moving home
If you want or need to move home you can get advice from the Islington Housing Aid Team based at the Islington Customer Centre at 222 Upper Street N1 1XR. You can contact them on 020 7527 3001 (Option 1) or visit in person.

If you are a home owner who is disabled and wants to find an accessible property to move into, use the links on below to search for accessible homes to buy or rent on the open market.

Housing transfers
If you are a council or housing association tenant and you want to move you can apply for a transfer to another property. You can do this by registering with your landlord (council or housing association). They will give you a transfer application form and you will then be awarded a number of points. You can find out more about transfers on our website:

Moving home if you receive support from Adult Social Services
If you and/or someone you look after is moving home and receives support from Adult Social Services, please let social services know about where you are moving to and the date you are moving as soon as possible so that they can arrange for your care services to be transferred to your new address, if you are moving to Islington, within Islington, or to your new Local Authority, if you are moving out of Islington.

If you are moving to a different local authority you should contact your new local authority and tell them about your plans. They will then tell Islington Social Services. Islington Social Services will send information on your most recent assessment (and if you have a carer the most recent carer’s assessment will also be sent), details of what support you currently receive (including details of your personal budget if you are currently one) and any financial assessments Islington has made to your new Local Authority.

If you are moving to Islington, we will contact your current Local Authority for this information.

Social Services will complete a reassessment to see if your support needs have changed in your new home. Your current care services will continue in your new home until this reassessment is completed. If any of your support needs are assessed as having changed in your new home, social services will inform you in writing and discuss with you a new support plan to best meet your needs. For more information on the assessment process, please see link on the right hand side of the page.

If you have a friend and/or family member that provides support to you and who will continue or start to provide support to you after you move, social services will also offer them a carers assessment. For more information on support available for carers, see our fact sheet on Carers Support.

To advise Social Services that you, or someone you look after, are moving home, please speak to your allocated assessor, if you have one, or call the Access and Advice Service on 020 7527 2299 or email

Moving home if you receive support from Children’s Social Services
Likewise, if you receive support from Children’s social services please let them know the address of where you are moving to and the date you are moving so they can arrange for you to continue to receive support in your new home.

Please speak directly to your allocated social worker, if you have one. If you do not have an allocated worker, call the Children Services Contact Team on 020 7527 7400 or via email

Problems with your Housing
If you are having problems or have to leave your accommodation you can contact the Housing Aid Centre for advice and an assessment of your circumstances to see if you are eligible for housing from the local authority.

They can be contacted on 020 7527 3001 (Option 1) or at

There are also a number of organisations where you can get advice about your housing issues. For more information see:

If you are homeless or are likely to be become homeless in the near future you can contact the Housing Aid team for some initial advice and assistance.

There are a number of independent organisations where you can get legal advice and information:

Islington Citizens Advice Bureau Telephone: 020 3475 5080
Islington Law Centre Telephone: 020 7288 7630 or Email:
Shelter Telephone: 0344 515 1540