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Additional Support

When a social worker is not involved with your child and family but you feel you need some additional support, to understand and manage the needs of your disabled child an Early Support Keyworker can help you.  The Early Support Team are part of the Disabled Children’s Service.

Generally support is offered while families are waiting for health diagnostic assessments to be completed where there is a need for urgent early intervention to support family resilience and prevent problems escalating. Referrals are usually made by a professional working with your child often from health or Early Years.

An Early Support keyworker can complete an Early Help assessment and support plan.  They will:

  • Help to bring health, social care and education professionals in a team around your child
  • Support you to understand your child’s needs and how to manage them
  • Signpost and refer you to services that will make a difference
  • Help you to plan for the future in a planned and informed way

Contact the Early Support Team for more information.