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CV or Curriculum Vitae

A good cv can get you an interview.

It should outline your career aims, education and work experience to date. The information on your CV will also help you to complete application forms. It will help to have it in front of you when ringing employers about vacancies. You decide what goes in your CV. It is your chance to say as many good things about yourself as possible. It should be:

  • short – one page is easiest to read; do two sides at most
  • clear – use headings to divide the information
  • truthful – or you may get caught out later
  • positive – think about your best qualities
  • readable make it clear and neat and use a standard font such as Arial. 

When you have finished, leave it a while and then read it through to check for mistakes and check your spelling and grammar. You will also need to adapt your CV for the different jobs you apply for. You should post or email it with a suitable covering letter.

More help on:

  • Your CV
  • Words to use in your CV
  • A personal profile or statement
  • Letters
  • Applying for Work with a Criminal Record

can be found in the Downloads section..

You may need help if you have a criminal record and you are applying for work. Many employers will still consider you if they don’t think your conviction is relevant or you can show that you have ‘learnt your lesson’ and you are not a risk. Applying for jobs in the right way will give you a better chance of getting a job. For further advice see the leaflet Applying for work with a criminal record.