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Homeless, or thinking of leaving home?

If you are thinking of leaving home and want to talk to someone about it, you can contact Childline a free confidential helpline for young people T: 0800 1111.

If there are problems at home and you have moved out and are homeless, there are local organisations that can help, such as:

You can also find information and advice from

  • Shelter: T: 0808 800 4444  for advice on finding somewhere to stay.
  • Centrepoint: can help with finding somewhere to stay, helpline 0808 8000661.
  • Homeless UK: website with information and contact details for hostels, daycentres and support services.

If you have run away from home, you can contact the Runaway Helpline ring or text: 116000         E: offers a free confidential helpline for anyone aged 18 or under, who has run away or been forced to leave home or care.  They will help to find you a safe place to go and won’t tell anyone that you have called unless you want them to. (You can text even if you have no credit on your mobile.)

You can also leave a message to be passed on to your family or carer but they will not tell them where you are unless you want them to.

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