Renting from the Council or a Housing Association

What are Council and housing association homes?
  • Properties owned and managed by either the Council or a housing association that you pay rent to live in.
  • Housing associations are independent organisations that provide housing for people in housing need. You need to be on the Council’s housing register if you would like to move into a housing association property.
  • In Islington if you want to rent your home from the Council or a housing association you need to be in the Council’s Housing Register.
  • The Housing Register is a list of people who would like to rent a home from the Council or a housing association.
Who can apply?

Anyone over 16 years can apply to join the Housing Register. You may not be able to apply if it is against the law for you to live or work in the UK.

How do I apply?

You can make an application for the Housing Register in the following ways:

Everyone who applies to join the Housing Register need to show;

  • Details of current and previous addresses
  • The Council look at Housing Register applications and give points based on your housing need.

Staff based at Islington Disability Learning Partnership can help you make an application to go on the Housing Register and also check the progress of your housing application for you.

Things to think about
  • Tenancy - when you rent a council or Housing Association home you are a tenant and you have a tenancy agreement.
  • A Tenancy Agreement - a legal document that says you can live in your home as long as you pay the rent and follow the rules in the agreement.  As a council or housing Association tenant you have more rights than a private tenant. You can only lose your tenancy if you break certain rules, and if a judge agrees.
  • Rent - council and housing association rents may be lower than the cost of renting a private home.
  • Repairs - a council or housing association will carry out most of the repairs to your home.
  • Demand - many people want to rent a council or housing association home in Islington but only a few homes are available each year.  you may have to wait a long time before you can live in a council or housing association home.
  • Choice - you may not have much choice about where you live, as council and housing association homes are only in certain parts of Islington.
  • Support – If you need support to live independently you should arrange this before you move into your new home.

For further information contact the Housing Options team.

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