What does an Educational Psychologist do?

Educational Psychologists work with children and young people between the ages of 0 and 25 years who are residents of Islington or who attend Islington schools. They work in a range of educational settings including children’s centres, early years’ settings, mainstream primary and secondary schools, special schools and units, sixth form and colleges.

Educational Psychologists work with teachers, parents, carers and other professionals to enhance the learning and development of all children and young people. They help bring about positive changes through high quality, evidence based advice and assessment to inform outcome based planning and intervention.

Educational Psychologists generally negotiate their work directly with schools to ensure that those children with the most complex needs and those who are most vulnerable to experiencing social exclusion (through being taken into the care of the LA, being excluded from school or by having mental health difficulties) are prioritised for EP involvement. They also support schools in building the capacity of their staff to support children with SEND, by providing training in a range of key areas, and by offering peer supervision groups.

All Educational Psychologist have had extensive training in all aspects of child development and learning and are Health and Care Professions Council Registered.

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