Our Vision for Children with SEND

Our vision is that every child and young person with SEND in Islington to have the opportunity to:

  • Be happy, healthy, safe and confident about their future
  • Become successful, resilient adults who achieve their aspirations in all aspects of their lives 
  • Live fulfilling lives in their communities.
Three key aims

Three key aims have been identified by parents of children with SEND:

  • ‘Do nothing about us without us’: (Access and empowerment)
  • ‘Right support for the right children in the right place’: (Responsiveness and timely support)
  • ‘A better informed workforce’: (Improving service quality and capacity).
Agreed objectives

Agreed objectives to ensure all children with SEND are identified and their needs are effectively met:

  • Ensure all schools and education settings offer good or outstanding provision for children with SEND (Universal provision)
  • Strengthen our approach to integrated working, prevention and early help (Early Help)
  • Improve partnership working and joint commissioning (Joint Commissioning)
  • Ensure children with SEND follow a planned progression pathway to adulthood (Progression to Adulthood)
  • Improve assessment and planning for children with SEND (Person-centred planning)
  • Assist families to know what choices are available to them locally and what they are entitled to (Local Offer)
  • Ensure the continuum of provision continues to meet the continuum of need (Targeted and Specialist Provision)
  • Ensure funding is apportioned appropriately so as to match need and support seamless provision 0-25 (Funding).

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