Apprenticeships and jobs

If you are in Year 11, you must stay in learning or training until at least your 18th birthday

Learning can be through an apprenticeship or further study.

The official school leaving date is the last Friday in June for Year 11s. You should not start a full-time job with training or an apprenticeship before this date.

Apprenticeships are jobs with training, which use a mix of on and off-the-job training that lead to qualifications at level 2 or 3. You can also do a higher or degree apprenticeship after further study at school or college.

Skill areas include: hairdressing, business administration, accountancy, IT, sport and leisure, hospitality, motor vehicle work, construction and retailing. Many employers set entry or selection tests or ask for specific GCSE qualifications.

The National Minimum Wage for an apprentice is £4.81 (rate from April 2022).

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