Part-time jobs at age 13-16

You can have a part-time paid or unpaid job as long as the type of work you do is suitable for a young person ...

... will not interfere with your education and will not harm you. Your employer has to apply and receive a work permit for you from the local council. You must also have a permit if you work for your parents or carers.

Having a part-time job can be good – it gives you experience, confidence, independence and money. 

There are national and local laws that set out what you can do. The firm you want to work for must apply to Islington Council for a permit. The council will check that your health, welfare and education will not be harmed by working before they issue a permit. How many hours a day and week you can work will depend upon your age.

Further information on local law is on the Islington Council website.

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