Warning: poor careers information can seriously damage your future!

Check careers information you use is up-to-date and from a reliable source

Look at a range of information – as well as looking at careers information in school or college look at careers and company websites.

 Questions to ask about careers

  • What qualifications and skills do I need?
  • What training do I need? Where and when; university or apprenticeship, including higher or degree apprenticeships; at 16 or at 18?
  • What prospects are there?
  • What would I do? Look for case studies or videos on sites such as icould
  • What jobs are similar? For example, if you are interested in becoming a paramedic investigate other jobs in healthcare
  • Will this suit me? What do you like about the job? Talking through your plans with your parents and friends will help.

Start your research by following the Related services and External links section and help with planning your future.

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