Family problems? Need help?

If you're worried and want to talk to someone about family problems ...

... such as parents splitting up or someone dying, you can contact Childline T: 0800 1111.

You can also find useful information on the websites below:

Parents splitting up:

  • GOV.UK - Find out the impact for you if your parents decide to separate or get a divorce
  • The Mix - for advice, information and support on relationships, health, wellbeing, fitness and more

When someone dies:

  • Childline - how does it feel when someone close to you dies?
  • Hope again - here to support you after the death of someone close
  • Winston’s Wish - childhood bereavement charity
  • GOV.UK - coping with death for young people

Are you a young carer?

If you are looking after a parent, a brother or a sister, you can get help from Camden and Islington Young Carers’ Service, which supports children and young people who are caring for a member of their family. You can contact them on T: 020 7272 6933.

You can find more information on these websites:

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