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Meet the candidates

Your candidates for the 2019 Youth Council Election:

Abdul Rahman Jimale

'Being safe is your fundamental right. Vote for me to get involved in policy making on youth crime and make a difference!'

Manifesto: My first priority is to strengthen the current policy of anti-knife crime. I want to encourage more young people to help find the solutions we need to stop knife crime. I am a dedicated individual with lots of energy and passion to represent and amplify the voices of the vulnerable, underrepresented young people in our borough.


Afi Okaidja

'Bound for greatness'

Manifesto: I will be campaigning around mental health and destigmatizing mental health in the youth community. I believe that it is important for young people like myself to be able to share their story and have a voice. Young people should vote for me as I am funny, confident, approachable and want to give young people a voice.


Anna Nguyen

'I want to help young people talk about mental health problems without being embarrassed.'

Manifesto: My campaign is around mental health issues and how they can impact on young people’s lives. I want young people to vote for me because I am keen to provide better mental health services in Islington.


Ayesha Hussain

'Don’t get embarrassed when talking about mental health- speak up!'

Manifesto: My campaign is to raise awareness around mental health and how this can lead to depression if young people do not get support as and when they need it. I feel young people should be able to talk about mental health problems without being embarrassed. I will use my role as a youth councillor to have their voice heard.


Catherine Browne

'I believe if we all work together we can stop knife crime'

Manifesto: I am campaigning to stop knife crime in Islington. I want young people to be safe where ever they are and not worry about knife crime. I promise that if I am elected as youth councillor, I will try my hardest to make a change and reduce knife crime in our borough. I will work with schools, so that young people get educated about knife crime.


Daisy Deering

'Equality and the environment is everybody’s business.'

Manifesto: My campaign is to promote equality for young people and to eliminate discrimination whether it race, gender or religion based or targeted at members of the LGBTQ+ community. Young people should be free to be themselves and to celebrate their differences. I am also keen to as a young person to promote climate change awareness.


Daniela Kashama

'Make sure you are aware of you and your surroundings not just physically but mentally.'

Manifesto: I will be campaigning for mental health awareness and focus on educating young people to recognise and overcome issues they may be experiencing. I am consistent, passionate and trustworthy and will be a strong voice for the young people as I have knowledge of the issues we face.


Emmanuel Appiah- Kubi

'Knife crime is robbing young people futures and it needs to be put to an end!'

Manifesto: A significant number of young people are experiencing knife related crimes, it is an unsafe environment and I want to be a driving force for this to stop. I will listen to your views and challenge councillors on what they are doing to prevent further deterioration around violent crimes.


Esther Simuene

'Let’s make a change and raise awareness on mental health and encourage more movement into mental health and ensure the people who need help are able to get it.'

Manifesto: I am campaigning on mental health since it’s an important topic that many people ignore or don’t acknowledge its major role in our lives as it helps the way we think, how we act and how we feel. Mental health plays a vital role in our everyday life since it includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. We must remember that feeling healthy is not just physically but mentally, our mental health should also be looked after and not ignored because it contributes to our behaviour and attitude towards life. Thank you.


Farzana Ahmed

'I am passionate about our society and will do everything to get our voices heard.'

Manifesto: I am passionate about combatting Islamophobia and knife crime since either I or a loved one have experienced this. If you are going through a tough time I will try and make sure your issue is heard. Do not turn your back on knife crime as it might stab you in the back.


Gulten Kurban

'Vote for me to avoid becoming the generation that lacks identity.'

Manifesto: I will campaign about the lack of spaces and opportunities for us youth to develop and express our own identity in a safe environment. There is a lack of individuality within schools and I want to change this and stop seeing people struggle to love themselves. I will create spaces to discover and view identity in a brighter light.


Honey Baker

'You can only impact your future with your present, so why wait for later if I can do it for you now? Because if I win, you win.'

Manifesto: I am passionate about creating more job opportunities relating to sport for young people in Islington. I want all young people to have the chance for their potential to be recognised. I will always listen and persistently work to make Islington a better place for all young people.


Husen Omar Abdulahi

'Vote for me because I believe in staying green, staying eco-friendly and being proud of living in Islington and London.'

Manifesto: I want to address homelessness and push for more homes to be created so that all people are safe and treated equally. I want to campaign for global warming awareness because it is a massive problem that affects everyone. I also want to look at the lack of opportunities for young people, more youth centres and workshops aimed at keeping young people safe will reduce knife crime.


Ilwad Roble

'Not just a demand.'

Manifesto: I want to tackle racism and islamophobia in Islington because these are issues that I've seen rise over the past few years and these are issues that I've also been a victim of. I also want to help young people with special needs and/or learning difficulties receive the support and facilities they need without having to wait for long periods of time.


Iman Moudjari

'Let your voice be heard.'

Manifesto: My campaign is about homelessness amongst young people as I think this is a problem that needs to be solved and has been going on for too long. My campaign will also focus on how homelessness affects young women. I will engage with young people and seek their views on what matters to them. Young people should vote for me as I am very vocal and persistent when I want to get my message across.


Jessica Chukwu

'Mirror Mirror on the wall, low self-esteem and unhealthy body issues are ringing in Islington and I am the answer to that call!'

Manifesto: My campaign is all about the importance of having a healthy body image and improving the self-esteem of many young females and males in Islington. I understand that having a negative body image can lead to low self esteem and be a barrier to many opportunites. Having a positive body image can help you believe in yourself and accept who you are. I am keen to create talk shows, workshops and much more in safe spaces where young people can express themselves.


Jordan Minga

'Do you like being creative? Do you want something new? Then I am the one for you!'

Manifesto: I am focusing on Arts, culture and employment as I want to show young people the creative industry is a place for everyone. I am a young creative myself and have experience difficulty in finding creative opportunities and through this experience I can advocate on your behalf.


Juwaerat Ayanda (Keji)

'Poverty is not a curse; it’s just a condition.'

'I am campaigning about child poverty in Islington. This is an important issue and I want to reduce high levels of child poverty amongst my peers. I would like to be youth councillor because I have a passion for service to humanity. I believe the position will give me the opportunity to reach out to young people and make their views heard. I am keen to empower young people so they can give ideas on how to tackle important issues such as homelessness.


Kacper Strek

'Friends can be like a second family, so it is essential that young people have a safe environment to socialise in.'

Manifesto: To get to the point I will be promoting youth centres and social environments for young people. I will not make empty promises but I will make it clear what my message is and what my solution is. It is the community of Islington’s duty to prevent youth crime by providing options for young people.


La-Shyi Knight

'Learning for all, employment for all, hope for all.'

Manifesto: I want to ensure that young people have hope for their future. I want to support young people into the world of work no matter what their abilities or needs are. I feel every young person should have the opportunity to have independence.


Leah Delacey

'Less worry, more fixing.'

Manifesto: I will be campaigning about issues surrounding mental health and it is an area I can personally relate to. I am keen to engage and listen to people’s concerns about mental health in order to bring about a positive change.


Lydia Lewis

'You should vote for me because I will stand for you and your needs. I won’t give up. I am really passionate about the youth council.'

Manifesto: I am concerned that young people with disabilities and learning needs may not be getting the help they need in mainstream schools. These young people may get labelled rather than support for their individual needs. I think young people should vote for me as a girl with many ideas but also keen to listen to other young people in order to take their ideas on board. I am not afraid to stand up for issues that affect young people today including homelessness and period poverty.


Maisha Dewan

'Vote for me to represent you, because you matter!'

Manifesto: I am campaigning to increase diversity in the curriculum and reduce racism within our schools and society. I will use my energy and courage to ensure that I can represent you. I already have 2 years’ experience with the school council and debating.


Mariam Lawani


Manifesto: Mental health is an important issue is society however many of us are still in the dark about what it takes to recover from mental health. Poor mental health creates an endless cycle of low confidence and low self-esteem, this can draw young people into anti-social behaviour and making bad choices. I want to act as the voice of the youth and make a change. I want young people’s voices to be heard so we can bring changes in our community. I will inform young people about the progress we are making on this issue.


Mariam Mohamed

'Vote for me, so I can be part of the voice of our community!'

Manifesto: My campaign is about equality and diversity. I want to reduce the effect that racism, islamophobia, sexism and stereotyping has on our community. I want to be able to give speak up for young people who may be scared to voice their own opinions.


Melissa Williamson

'Working for young people’s future.'

Manifesto: My campaign is to promote young people’s health and wellbeing particularly their mental health. Young people are the future and their wellbeing is important for their life journey. I want to promote creative sessions for young people including mindfulness and meditation at the beginning of each day. I also believe sports centres should be free to improve health and social interactions. I am an honest, passionate and genuine person.


Miriam Etuk

'A vote for me is a vote for you, what you want I will get.'

Manifesto: I will be campaigning to reduce gang related crime and increase prevention of young people being involved in crime. As an outspoken individual I will be perfect for the Youth Council as I will listen to others and help Islington become violence free. I want to create a community where everyone is listened to and cared for.


Muskan Khan

'It’s not wet, it’s mental health.'

Manifesto: I will be campaigning about mental health issues and youth depression. I want this to be a topic that everyone is aware of and is talking about. I am a hard worker and will put 100% into the role, always taking other people’s ideas into consideration.



Owen Ballantyne

'I’m here to help everyone and to change Islington for the better starting with the Youth Clubs.'

Manifesto: My campaign is to raise awareness of Islington’s Youth Clubs. Many people don’t know the benefits of going to Youth Clubs and I want to change this. I am not afraid of speaking the truth and being honest. I will listen and help bring in changes to make Islington a better place for young people and this will result in more people going to Youth Clubs in the future.


Ozge Arslan

'Working to combat and help with mental health issues such as stress and anxiety through my own personal experience.'

Manifesto: Lots of young people are struggling with mental health issues and help can be hard to find. I have had to deal with anxiety and stress and I understand how young people feel. I want to address these issues and I will use my own experience with mental health to help other young people.


Porshia Johnson

'Fix up our present, so our future is not in a shambles.'

Manifesto: We are not juvenile, we are the youth and my campaign will be giving is a voice that we have been lacking. The current government has pushed us into a future that isn’t ours. We can help to combat this with more than words but that is where we need to start. I can strike like lightening when you need it.


Rosie Kurnaz

'We need someone who can create a more accepting and loving future for everyone, that someone is me.'

Manifesto: My campaign is about body positivity and bullying. Many young people have low self-confidence because of how they see themselves. Bullying can also affect a young person’s self-esteem. Young people should vote for me as I am keen to create a safe and secure place where young people can talk and get help with their problems.


Salman Ayadi

'Those who want change should vote for change. Vote for me and together we can rid the streets of senseless violence.'

Manifesto: Youth violence is one of the most pressing issues for young people today, it can affect young people’s mental health. I feel I have the skills necessary to make a positive change in Islington and to serve those who have entrusted me with the role of youth councillor. I will go to YOth Clubs and listen to young people who feel that they have been abandoned by the older generation.


Shukri Abdi

'I wish to eliminate the barriers between the people of Islington to create a safer and healthier environment for everyone.'

Manifesto: I want to eliminate hate crime by diminishing simple stereotypes around different sexualities, races and genders, without hate there is no hate crime. I want to make Islington the best Borough in London as I know its true worth and potential. People should vote for me for a better Islington because whatever the demand I promise I will supply it.


Simge Yilmaz

'You don’t have to feel powerless anymore - you have a voice!'

Manifestio: I will be campaigning for awareness around knife crime and gang violence. Most members of the youth in Islington do not feel safe in their own area and I want to bring an end to this. It is a matter of injustice, fear and death and I will ensure the police forces recognise this issue and make a change.


Theoni Bossman-Quarshie

'Stand up as it’s time to take the baton and rise. We stand to make a difference after those who have made change and those who come after us!'

Manifesto: I am campaigning for animal rights, because I believe they contribute to our community, such as looking after animals can help reduce stress, feeling isolated from the world of work and help you to relax and stay calm. You should vote for me, because I want to represent your views and ideas. I will listen to you and support your ideas to make Islington a better place. I will always show tenacity.


Yosan Sahle

'I want to be the voice for the voiceless.'

Manifesto: I will be campaigning about knife crime and gang culture. Youth funding has been decreased and this is creating problems within our community. As a young person I understand all the daily stresses and worries, I know I can be the individual to bring about great change.


Zuhur Mohamed Hersi

'It’s our future, let’s change it.'

Manifesto: My campaign is reducing discrimination and ensuring young people feel safe and accepted. I will make sure that everyone’s voices are heard and I will strive to make everybody feel safe in our community and not ashamed of being themselves.


If you want more information about Youth Councillors and the Youth Council, please feel free to get in touch.