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When parents and professionals work together, recognising each-others expert knowledge, better decision are made. Working together helps:

  • Professionals understand how to develop and deliver services to meet the needs of children and families
  • Parents to understand some of the difficulties faced by those who arrange (commission) or provide services
  • Parents and professionals to find solutions that work.

An important new introduction to the ways in which Islington parents of children can work with local professionals to improve local services for children and young people with SEND is through our SEND Parent Parliament.

What does the Parent Parliament do?

Members of Islington SEND Parent Parliament do the following things:

  • Respond on-line to consultations on live issues or proposed developments (e.g. improvements to or short breaks offer)
  • Give views on age or phase specific developments (e.g. early years provision, services for children with hearing impairment, transition to adulthood)
  • Vote on and approve content in the Local Offer
  • Volunteer to take part in ‘task and finish’ (i.e. short term) groups with professionals to give a parent perspective
  • Give feedback or raise any issues or concerns that you think may apply to a number of parents
  • Tell us about any ways you think services you use could be improved
What does the Parent Parliament involve?

How much time will it take up? As much (or as little) as you can spare

Where? You can contribute from wherever you have online access

What training do I need? Apart from your expertise as a parent, you will need to know how to use the Islington Local Offer

How can I become a Member?

Complete the online form.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Current Parent Parliament Votes

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