Crisis Packages

From time to time emergency situations arise in families and usually families are able to cope from within their own or local community resources.

Occasionally however emergencies are such that families cannot manage from within their existing support networks or using the current levels of support agreed for their child.

In these circumstances it may be necessary for children’s social care to offer a crisis support package for a short time or until a full assessment can be completed and if appropriate a longer term support package can be put in place.

Examples of such crisis situations may include

  • A parent suddenly admitted to hospital leaving no –one to care for a child/ren
  • Sudden parental ill health where parent cannot provide care required and child/ren are put at risk
  • An urgent safeguarding situation where there is risk of significant harm and / or risk of family breakdown if additional support is not provided
  • A sudden and severe deterioration in a disabled child’s condition and a significant increase in care needs
  • An urgent need for support to be put in place before the conclusion of an assessment and a support plan can be agreed for example due to the complexity of a child’s needs or family situation

Contact the Disabled Children’s Team for further information.

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