Education information required by the LA to consider an EHC needs assessment request

  • Evidence of the education providers arrangements (purposeful interventions), which are additional to and different from what is normally available through the differentiated curriculum for all children
  • Copies of most recent SEND Support / Individual Plans or Provision Map information for the child plus details of regular reviews and their outcomes (Assess – Plan – Do – Review)
  • Evidence of a baseline assessment – from which progress has been measured
  • Evidence of subsequent adaptations to targets and strategies following review
  • Evidence of SMART target setting and the child’s achievement towards these outcomes
  • Detail of parent / carer involvement in discussion of special needs, and support for the child’s achievement of targets e.g. home / school agreements
  • Detail of advisory professionals involved – including specialist advisers, outside agencies
  • Working in consultation with teachers e.g. speech and language therapist; Educational Psychologist involvement is a statutory requirement at this stage
  • Additional resources made available to the child to enable him / her to achieve their targets (e.g. laptop, ear defenders)

Where such evidence is not provided, it is likely that there will be a decision not to assess.

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