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Early Help services for families in Islington

Bright Start 0-5: If you have a family support worker they will continue to remain in contact with you during this period.

North: BrightStartNorth@islington/ / 020 7527 8441 / 020 7527 8465
South: / 020 7527 4089

If you are not sure which Bright Start area you are in, please contact Islington Family Information Service: 020 75275959;

Family Support Surgeries, Monday-Friday between 9am-12noon: if you have a question, need some information, advice or guidance our family engagement workers are still here to talk over the phone. If lines are busy, leave a message we will get back to you when we can. If you want to speak to someone outside of these hours please send us an email.

We continue to offer online activities, while some activities will be returning in person in the Spring and Summer 2021. We are encouraging all parents to sign up to our fortnightly Bright Start, Bright Ideas newsletter and Quick Tips

Bright Start 5-19: Family Support, primary and secondary school age: 020 7527 4343.   See also attached Advice for Families

Professionals can request support by completing a request form. Referrals to Children's Services Contact Team (CSCT) can be made by downloading and completing our referral form. Send your completed form to the CSCT mailbox.

We have provided the form in two formats. Please use the format most suitable for you:

Where possible, please send any completed forms or any personal or sensitive information by secure email.

If you think a child may be at risk of neglect or abuse call the Children’s Services Contact Team (CSCT) on 020 7527 7400 who will make sure the family are referred to the right service including Children’s Social Care teams.

What is Early Help?

Most of the time families cope well with the demands of family life, but when circumstances change, or their usual networks of support let them down, there is help available. Islington is committed to making sure that families get support when they need it, quickly and with the minimum of fuss. This is referred to as Early Help and is available to families with children aged 0-19, to ‘nip problems in the bud’ before they become more serious.

Lots of families won’t need a formal service and will get the help they need through advice or information, for example through The Family Information Service or their local Bright Start children’s centre or local Bright Start community venue. These services are referred to as ‘universal’ meaning they are open to everyone.

When additional support is needed, for example with physical or mental ill health parenting or practical challenges like debt, rent arrears and unemployment, Early Help Services can step in. This support is delivered by a lead professional, usually a Family Support Worker, and is tailored to individual families with an emphasis on building skills and resilience to manage and solve problems.

Early Help thinks about the needs of the whole family and coordinates this support so there is one lead person bringing together other services as a team around the family. This means the family don’t have to keep repeating their story and there is better communication between professionals.

How to refer to Early Help Services

Families can self-refer to most Early Help services or professionals can refer with parental consent. See below for more information and how to access different services according to need.

Information and advice for families, FIS

Islington Family Information Service is a free telephone and web-based information and advice service for families with children and young people 0-25 and a weekly drop in. See here for information and contact

Family child(ren)with disability

Islington SEND (Special Education Needs and Disability) Community Support Service provides free confidential information, advice and support on all matters relating to special educational needs and disabilities for families with children aged 0 to 25. See here for more information and contact

Parent to be or children under 5

You can pop into your local Bright Start children’s centre to find out about activities and support or a book a place at a local family support surgery advertised in the Bright Start timetables

Bright Start is for every child and every family. Family Engagement Workers can provide advice and guidance on a range of issues and additional support is available through Family Support Workers. See here for Bright Start timetable of activities and more information and contact

Parent of 5-19

You can pop into your local Families First office to find out about extra advice and support for families. See here for more information and contact

Islington Families Intensive Team (IFIT) provides extra support usually for families with older children information and contact

Parenting Programmes

Parenting programmes are free and available to all Islington parents and expectant parents. See here for more information and a current timetable:

Young People

Targeted Youth Support (TYS) work with young people aged 10 – 21 years’ old and provide outreach, group work, counselling and more: information and contact