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PA Finder - Islington Adult Social Services

Looking for a job? Or looking to employ someone to help you with everyday tasks such as getting washed and dressed, preparing meals, doing housework etc?

Islington Social Services have set up a register so that people looking for care jobs and people looking to employ people to help them look after themselves can get in contact easily.

If you are interested in looking for a job, please see ‘Job Vacancies’ on the right hand side of this web page; it is in a PDF format.

If you want to employ someone, please see ‘PAs looking for work' on the right hand side of this web page; it is in a PDF format.

We do not list people’s names, direct contact details and/or email addresses on this site. All contact is via the Islington Direct Payment Team. You can call them on 020 7527 8164 and/or email

To find out how to register as a personal assistant and/or register a job vacancy please click on relevant links on the right hand side of this page.

Direct payments
If you are eligible for support from social services you can take your personal budget (the money to pay for the support your need) as a direct payment. This means that the money will be paid to you to arrange your own support. You may have to pay towards some of the cost for your care. You can find more details about direct payments on the website.

Care Support arranged by Social Services
If you are not able to arrange your own care support and you do not have someone you trust to help you, Social Services can carry out an assessment of your needs and arrange the support you need. You may have to pay towards the cost of this care. For more details please contact the Access Service on 0207 527 2299 or at  You can get also find more information about assessments on our webpages.

For more information about ways to arrange, pay for and manage your own carer or personal assistant to provide care support in your own home see our Paid Carers and personal assistance advice and guidance page.