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More about your Youth Council

What is the Youth Council?

The Youth Council was set up by Islington Council in 2011 to give local young people a voice.

The current Youth Council was elected in November 2017.

The Youth Council is made up of 12 youth councillors who have been elected to serve a two year term in office. Youth councillors also have the opportunity to become the Young Mayor or Deputy Young Mayor of Islington.

The youth councillors work to:

  • represent the views of children and young people in Islington
  • help decide how money is spent on services for children and young people
  • share their views with the council and its partners on issues affecting children and young people
  • improve the range and quality of services for young people in Islington.

Anyone aged 13-17 who lives in or goes to school in Islington, or who is in the care of Islington Council can stand for election. The 12 candidates who receive the most votes are elected youth councillors.

Once elected, the youth councillors decide who will become Islington’s young mayor and deputy young mayor. The young mayor and deputy young mayor serve for a term of one year.

You don't have to be a youth councillor to benefit. The youth council is here to represent the views of all young people in Islington, so there are ways you can get your views across and get involved.

What do youth councillors do?

Youth councillor are the voice of young people in Islington. They have a lot of influence to help determine policy and how money is spent for young people.

They have a say about:

  • what services are provided
  • how much should be invested in different services
  • when and where services should be developed
  • how to monitor and evaluate the benefits of services for young people.

They also have the opportunity to campaign on issues that concern you and other young people, air their views, have people listen, and change things in Islington.

Youth councillors are enthusiastic, committed, and passionate about issues they campaign about. They give up to five hours a week of their free time in term time plus time in the holidays to attend meetings and events. Most of these are in the evening and at weekends. They juggle school work and other commitments and hobbies with the role of a youth councillor.

What do the young mayor and deputy young mayor do?

The young mayor and deputy young mayor have the same role as the other youth councillors, however they are more likely to represent the youth council at ceremonies, such as opening new buildings or attending community events. They also make more speeches and are often asked to write articles on behalf of the youth council.

Once the new youth councillors have been elected, they select one of the youth councillors to be the young mayor and another to be deputy young mayor.

If you want more information about the Youth Council, please feel free to get in touch.