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Youth Council

Islington young mayor, young deputy mayor and member of the Youth Parliamant

On Wednesday 29 November 2017, polling stations will be set up in Islington secondary schools, youth hubs and in City and Islington College for young people to vote for the youth council

Who can vote?

People aged between 11 and 17 are eligible to vote on Wednesday 29 November 2017. If you are an 11 year old, you must be at secondary, rather than primary school. To vote, you must also live in Islington, be educated in Islington or be in the care of Islington Council.

Why should I vote?

Having a youth council is a fantastic way for young people to get their views across to decision makers about services and how money is spent. The youth council makes a real difference and influences those decisions that affect young people in Islington.

Whether you stand as a councillor yourself or not, voting in the election gives you the chance to have your say.

How do I vote?

On Wednesday 29 November 2017, 11 to 17 year olds who live or go to school in Islington will vote for the one candidate they would most like to be on the youth council. The 12 candidates with the most votes will then form the youth council.

If you go to school in Islington, you will vote at your school. If you do not go to school in Islington but live in the borough or are cared for by Islington Council, you can vote at Lift Youth Hub and Platform Youth Hub.

For more information about the election, please email