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    The Albert Kennedy Trust

    The Trust provides housing support,mentoring, information and advice to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people under the age of 25 years who are homeless, living in a hostile environment or in crisis. Online enquiry see website.

    Alone In London

    Alone in London was established in 1972 and assists young people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Our aim is to help prevent youth homelessness by empowering young people to make positive changes and take steps to realize potential.We do this by…

    Child Protection Team Islington

    Specialist police unit dealing with the investigation of crimes against children and can offer support to child victims.

    The Havens

    The Havens are staffed by specially trained, experienced professionals who can provide medical help and advice, counselling and practical and emotional support to people who have been raped or sexually assaulted. You do not need to report the assualt to the police in order to…

    Islington Police

    For all non-emergency calls dial 101. For emergencies dial 999. To make a report of domestic violence to Islington Police, call the non-emergency number 101. In an emergency always dial 999. If you wish to report a rape or sexual assault to the Sapphire Unit you…

    Islington Victim Support

    If you've been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, we can help you find the strength to deal with what you've been through. Our services are free and available to everyone, whether or not…

    Leap Confronting Conflict, Youth Programmes

    Leap offers a range of youth programmes including a Peerlink, a National Peer Mediation project, Quarrel Shop, an accredited Conflict Resolution Programme. All Leaps' programmes offer young people training in conflict resolution, peer mediation and facilitation skills. We also offer adult training conflict resolution for…

    Victim Support

    Support for people who have been victims of crime, either reported or unreported. There are several projects running in Islington including support for young people who have been victims of crime.

    Weblink: Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, CEOP 

    The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is dedicated to eradicating the sexual abuse of children. It gives advice to parents and practitioners on issues such as runaway children.

    Weblink: Victim Support 

    National charity giving free and confidential help to victims of crime, witnesses, their family, friends and anyone else affected across England and Wales.