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CASA Family Service

Parents can have difficulties because of their own or their partner's use of alcohol or other drugs. This can have a big impact on family life and relationships, particularly for children and young people. Anyone in the family may be worried about this and not…

Children in Need Service, CIN (Children's Social Care) Localo Offer Flash

The Children in Need Service undertakes a broad range of work with children in need and their families. We work with children and families who require additional support as well as with children and young people who are in need of protection. Key teams within…

Islington Drug and Alcohol Helpline

Islington operates a freephone, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week helpline for people seeking drug and alcohol services. Islington also produces a leaflet which summarises these services. You can also call to find out about the support available for someone struggling with their…

Islington Young People's Drug and Alcohol Service, IYPDAS, Children's Social Care

We offer specialist substance misuse support including harm/risk reduction, assessment and one-to-one targetted support and treatment to young people affected by drug and alcohol issues. Also, we can offer targetted support to families impacted by a young person's drug and alcohol issues. The service is free and…